Welcome to Passover at Home

Passover PLate and 4 cups
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the Chabadnik from

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces people to rethink that Passover in a far away Gan Eden, this blog hopes to provide a resource for bringing that Pesach Gan Eden home. This is an opportunity for everyone to find, share, and discover new and inspiring ways to experience Yetziat Mitzrayim and make our own seder.

For many, this experience is little different from what they experience yearly. They make Passover at home every year. To those fortunate ones we urge you to share your tips and tricks for making Pesach.

Others, singles or families that typically travel to other locations for the Pesach holiday, we hope this resource will be helpful in sharing with you necessary and interesting information for making 2020/תש”פ a Pesach to remember.